Friday, May 17, 2013


OK, my ass knows it's George Michael, but I had a friend who used to say George Michaels and it stuck. Anyhoo, SB's beloved George was involved in a motorway accident yesterday, and you all know how upset I got when he was in jail (a bitch hosted GEORGE MICHAELS JAIL WATCH, and I didn't sleep well til his ass was out of the slam), so I just wanted to wish George well and give him a shout out. We are all THRILLED AS PISS that ONCE AGAIN George has evaded that cold and cunning bastard, Death.

The Moms and I were fans clear back when I was in high school and George was whamming it up and CHOOSING LIFE.

I am George's NUMBER 1 AMERICAN FAN, and I defy any of you motherfuckers to say it ain't so!

More info on the heart-stopping (for SB) incident can be found here:

Thank you Daily Mail (even though George Michaels probably HATES you for tabloiding him all the time) for keeping George's NUMBER 1 AMERICAN FAN up to date on George's life events.

I'm actually considering turning this into THE GEORGE MICHAELS NUMBER 1 AMERICAN FAN blog or a Cat Lovers blog. I can't decide. You can leave your opinion in the comments section, however, I probably won't take it into account. I have the Borderline Personality Disorder, so I'm inconsiderate and self-centered. That's just how I roll, people!

Let's all say a prayer for George's continued recovery. Let's generate some positive energy and blow it George's way! I always wanted to blow George.


Ms. Moon said...

I'm so glad you have not lost your touch, your edge, your YOUNESS! God, we miss you. We need you.

Big Mark 243 said...

Wham... bam... George is the MAN..! (job or no job, you can't tell him that he's not..!)