Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paula Deen Has Apologized, Now Let's Move the Fuck On

When I was growing up, my poor overwrought mother taught me that when you did something wrong, you couldn't always apologize and fix it, but that sometimes apologizing is the best and only thing you can do in light of a grievous error. You might still be in the wrong for having committed the error, but even if you couldn't make it right or take it back, you needed to at least humbly say you were sorry.

Paula Deen has apologized and admitted that using the N-word was ignorant and wrong. Now, can we all just move the fuck on and let it rest? If you are still mad and don't want to watch Paula on QVC or buy any of her shit at fucking Walmart, then fine. Don't. But maybe, just maybe, that says more about your unforgiving ass than it does about Paula.

And also, I think it's only fair to mention, that old girl who started all this bullshit with her gold-digging lawsuit, worked for Paula and Bubba for FIVE years. Clearly, her dumb ass REALLY suffered from all the racist comments she was subjected to. A bitch was lapping the money up for FIVE FUCKING YEARS. You've got to admire her loyalty.

I have to say that part of my family is southern, and even my sweet old Grandma Peg, who was raised by a black woman that she loved, and who wouldn't harm a damn fly, was racist at times. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just being honest and saying that's how it was. And before everybody from the south gets all worked up, I am NOT saying all southerners are racists. I know many, many who are not. Not one damn bit.

And my dear Paula, if you happen to read this, e-mail me. I'll be your publicist, and I'll do a damn sight better job handling your affairs, for a lot less money. This whole situation should have been strongly and emphatically addressed a damn sight quicker. And, by the way, Paula, SB still loves you and thinks you're a good old gal. Fuck the haters. Haters gonna hate. That's their nature.


Ms. Moon said...

See- I have a different take. I AM a southern woman and I see Ms. Dean as reflecting on me and it hurts my heart when folks say, "Well, what do you expect of an older Southern woman?"
This just makes me sad and tired.

mrs.missalaineus said...

after thinking a lot on this, i get a lot more offended by what is allowable for sports stars to say vs what she admitted to saying 30 odd years ago.

be well in this heat. it's like sub fucking tropical up here today.


Jean said...

I have noticed the furor over the racial slur but I have no fucking clue who Paula Deen is. I basically only go to Walmart to buy Friskies as a treat for the cats. They love that shit.

I do know that the way you are raised contributes to everyone's behaviour including what comes out of your mouth. My mother would never ever think she was racist but she says some very racist things - simply because she just has no clue. Sweeping generalizations - like "Oh - those blacks - they can really sing and dance!" because the only blacks she ever saw were on tv and COULD sing and dance. "Oh - those Jews are really nice" because she went to dinner with Jewish clients of my dad's once and discovered that they did not have horns or try to steal her rings - we lived in a very anti-Semitic area so she'd been lead to believe they were pretty evil.

I'm willing to bet that Paula Deen - whoever the fuck she is - has two minds - the racist one she learned to be as a kid - and the adult one who has since realized that blacks are just people like everyone else. Sometimes, the kid slips out in all of us.

gradydoctor said...

Even though I'm pretty annoyed with Paula (for more than just this) but boy do I love a good SB rant!

Jill said...


mary i said...

As a recent transplant to the south, I am with you on this all the way! "nuffs enough for petes sake.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
I know you well enough that I did not discuss it with you. I understand your feelings.

Mrs. Miss A.,
I love you and I hear you about the heat. Thanks for still reading my shit.

Thank you for joining us and for commenting. I appreciate it.

I adore you. You know this. Thank you for not be angry with me.

Thanks for reading, toots!

Give my regards to the south. I feel more at home there than I do up here.

Love to all,


Syd said...

I think that ole Paula is like a lot of people--still has some of those racial genes floating around and occasionally they will spark up--maybe not with words even, but with looks of disdain and dismissive actions. Old behaviors and thoughts that are as ingrained as breathing take a long time to die. And maybe they won't truly die for many generations yet. But I know that Ms. Deen is simply one of many that walk around in prejudice and ignorance.