Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Awesome Iguana Picture

My friend just got back from a cruise (fucker), and he sent some pictures around work this morning to torture all of us fucks trapped in the cold rain here in buttfuck Ohio.

You know how SB loves iguanas [EE-juan-ahs]! Pronounce it right! You don't need to prove your damn ignorance!

So here is an awesome iguana photo from B. Also, notice yet another overfed fat fuck American tourist in the photo with the iguana. And, no, it's not my friend in the photo. Hopefully, it's not a relative of his either. Damn! After the shit I just said.

The photos from B's cruise made SB realize I would NEVER go on a cruise. 90% of the damn "cruisers" are about 90 years old! I don't want some old fucker to keel over in front of me at the scrumptious seafood buffet. That shit might ruin my appetite!

More importantly, the lines at the poolside bars are too damn long! And you just know the geriatrics will hold the damn lines up, trying to count out exact change to pay for their mai tais and shit.

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