Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boring Donut Shop Guy

SB has set down next to boring Donut Shop Guy before. Who hasn't? My Uncle Ed was sort of the Donut Shop Guy in our town, only he hung out in the Brookville Air Park lobby. There's one of these lonely old fuckers with semi-challenged personal cleanliness habits, who reeks of Old Spice, in every midwestern town and evidently in every Canadian town, too--maybe any town with donuts (or an air park with free coffee).

Man, this old fucker's ass is boring. I made these same faces when he was talking to me. You just know he's a damn truck driver. You can tell by the dirty ball cap. It's lonely on the damn road, people! It makes you want to reach out to others and tell YOUR....ENTIRE....LIFE STORY....OF EXCRUCIATING FUCKING BOREDOM.

Say, maybe truckers ought to buy a Real Doll to travel around with them, and then they can bore her receptive plasticene ass, and she will actually look at least awake while you tell her the story about the naked woman in Arkansas flashing her titties at you from two lanes over during the early morning rush hour for the TENTH DAMN TIME. The added bonus is that the Real Doll will likely even blow you for free at the next truck stop! You won't even have to fork out for a damn hot dog and coke.

Spare a hooker, spare a stranger, spare your damn wife, truckers, and buy a Real Doll!

It just dawned on me how proud mom and dad are going to be when they read this particular post! Thanks for spending ALL THAT MONEY on my English degree, mom and dad!

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