Friday, February 20, 2009

Fatty Sez

I once overheard this conversation when I worked as a bartender in a restaurant. The guys in the kitchen were talking about bathing their kids.

Fatty: No, no, you can't just sit them babies in the bath tub. You got to scrub on them--you've got to wash they asses, else they be stinkin'.

Fatty used to come up with some wise shit. To this day, I am still thinking about starting a t-shirt line called Fatty Sez.


Alec Beattie said...

The intercontinental weirdness continues. I submitted an article for the college mag called 'fat franky sez', about a foul-mouthed and opinionated squirrel, complete with pictures. I expect my rejection letter early next week.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Our lives are strangely parallel, my friend. Poor you!

Maybe they can be parallel in mutual Stella drinking this weekend. Now THAT would be a good parallel, eh?