Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lobster Boy: Dedicated to L.

This a here is Grady Stiles, better known on the freak circuit as Lobster Boy. Grady was a freak unique since his ass had claws instead of hands. Grady also had a little problem with the mean. He shot and killed the suitor of one of his daughters, who he did not approve of. Grady got out of a prison term because no prison was equipped to handle his unique disabilities.

Grady's ass couldn't walk, but he had extremely powerful arms, which he could use to crawl around when not in a wheelchair. He also used his extremely powerful arms to do a beat down on his wife and kids routinely.

In November of 1992, Grady's mean ass was shot to death while he was watching TV. The killer was a neighbor hired by Grady's son-in-law.

Below is a photo of Lobster Boy with two of his children. They certainly look happy, but maybe Grady's crustacean ass was just drunk.

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