Friday, February 13, 2009

New EASY Feedback Feature Added to Sarcastic Bastard

Okay, SB is getting a wee bit frustrated because this blog is not getting enough comments and feedback. A lot of you fucks are too damn lazy to add comments, so SB is adding a new EASY, QUICK series of feedback check boxes at the bottom of each post. It would be nice if you shiftless motherfuckers would check a damn box one in awhile. My ass doesn't ask for much in return for entertaining you thankless fucks! Help a bitch out.

SB is a grouchy, temperamental artiste, and if my ass doesn't start getting a little more feedback, MY ASS IS GOING TO SHUT THIS FUCKER DOWN! I'll just start that public access talk show I've always wanted to do, where I sit in a director's chair with a bottle of wine and a pack of smokes and insult my guests.

And don't all you bastards check dumb as fuck on this post JUST BECAUSE YOUR ASSES ARE LAZY AND YOU DON'T LIKE MY REQUESTING YOU TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING! Fucking ingrates.

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