Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Continuing Fucked Saga of Stalker Ed

Stalker Ed Update:

Could this motherfucker be any damn dumber? This week, Ed's dumb psycho ass posted a picture of Elizabeth on the front of his bicycle, which HE RIDES TO WORK! What is he, like 10 years old? The stupid motherfucker is 50! He needs psychological help.

If Elizabeth was scared of Ed's obsessed ass before--this shit has just crossed over into Restraining Order Land! As you'll remember, Ed and Elizabeth work together, so somebody must have told her by now about the photo on the bike.

And, as SB predicted, Ed has already started obsessing about the new chick, Frieda. Somehow, their "date" lasted six hours, probably because Ed subjected Frieda to his WHOLE DAMN ENTIRE BORING-ASSED life story. And yes, Ed's dumb ass did disclose (on his first date) his obsession with Elizabeth.

SB'S VERDICT: Frieda is a TOTAL DUMB ASS if she EVER contacts Ed again. RUN LIKE HELL, FRIEDA!

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Alec Beattie said...

Stalker Ed managed to get a date? I haven't had a date in ages, AND I shave my arse every Tuesday. Mind you, Frieda must be traumatised, and even I haven't managed that.