Friday, February 6, 2009

The Snuggie: Work Appropriate Attire?

I'm working really hard to get the CEO to admit this shit into the dress code here at work. I hate winter, so this practical attire would help a lot. It's always cold in the office, so SB could stay warm and toasty at her desk in the Snuggie. The only drag would be having to remove the Snuggie every damn time I've got to take a piss after drinking several pots of the shit coffee here. I'm thinking that Depends might solve that problem. Then, when I get home from the office at night, I could just go straight to bed, and I'm ready for a good, warm sleep.

The French wouldn't be caught dead in this shit.

1 comment:

JenGantner said...

SB - You could just wear your bathrobe to work backwards.

The name of this thing troubles me. Isn't "snuggie" a synonym for "wedgie"?