Sunday, February 1, 2009

SB Fave Barry Belcher: Hot New Video!

This is one of SB's favorite people IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, the talented one-time mayor of Edgehill, Georgia, Barry Belcher. Barry is a decorator/designer extraordinaire, and your lucky asses get to watch his NEW Decorating with Lemons video because SB was kind enough to embed it below for your viewing pleasure.

In the video, Barry talks about finding an inspirational piece to work with. Barry is awfully cute. SB thinks Barry is sort of an INSPIRATIONAL PIECE his damn self! Don't you all?

As most of you remember, because who could forget Barry's video, Politics, Barry has had to learn how to make something out of nothing. We could all learn from Barry, especially in this damn economy! All of us are going to have to be making LOTS OF SOMETHINGS OUT OF DAMN NOTHING! Thank you George W. Bush and friends for fucking us all over! We really appreciate it. Now we've got to learn handicrafts and how to make our own soap and shit.

Anyhoo, before I got sidetracked by angry ranting at the Bush administration, I meant to say: SB loves you Barry! Although I was distressed to learn about your move to Atlanta. I'll bet you just wanted to be closer to the IKEA. There are too many damn Yankees there and lots of big city crime. BE CAREFUL, BARRY! IF ANYBODY HURTS YOU, SB IS GOING AFTER THEM! I WILL MAKE THOSE FUCKERS PAY!!

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