Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't Cross Me, I've Got a Disembodied Monkey Head!

[Actual Ad Copy]

When you squeeze this Monkey Groan Ball it emits what can be described as the groans of a monkey that has been inhaling helium. Plus animal sounds are just funny no matter what!

Not only does this pliant rubber marvel reduce stress while it amuses you, but keeping a disembodied monkey head on your desk serves as a warning to other primates of what will happen if they cross you. Hysterical!

Size of Monkey Groan Ball: 2-3/4" diameter

Get your own Moaning Monkey for only $3.95!!

Here's another really useful gift. Yeah, I know so many helium-addicted primates. And animal sounds are just funny no matter what! I just love the NO MATTER WHAT part. You can picture some corporate CEO type saying, "That's my final word. Animal sounds are just funny NO MATTER WHAT! Put that in the damn ad."

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