Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Want This Fucker's Job

No, not the damn Talk Soup guy! I want Ty Pennington's job! SB would just love to give houses away to poor, needy families all over America and barely lift a hand doing any of the work. I am just as crazy as Ty! I could do this shit. Give me that damn bull horn!

Extreme Home Makeover is one of my favorite TV shows. I get all caught up in it and start shouting: MOVE THAT BUS! MOVE THAT DAMN BUS!

Sometimes, I even have tears of joy rolling down my cheeks! I never let anyone see my vulnerability, though. I have a reputation to maintain, people!

1 comment:

Nick (CFKS) said...

I wouldn't mind having the The Soup guy's job. Make fun of reality TV all the time. Who doesn't do that?