Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SB Has a Case of the Sads

This gave me the sads. If you are younger than me (you will have to guess--we are not going there), you will not understand the true hotness this piece once possessed (more pictures of hot piece Jan at bottom of post). I really don't think Jan was bigger than Brad Pitt though. That ho Victoria's greedy journalistic ass was stretching to try and capture a larger viewing audience!

Jan doesn't even know who Brad Pitt is! I'll bet that hurt Brad's feelings. You think you're REALLY FAMOUS, and then Jan Micheal Vincent comes along and puts your lofty ass in its place! That did make me laugh for one tiny moment, and then I started weeping again. COPIOUS WEEPING. It may melt my cold stone creamery heart.

I am only embedding one part of this tragic interview.


WARNING: Stay away from the alcohol, kiddies. If Jan's overwhelming beauty looks this beat, most of your ugly middle-aged, liquored-up asses are going to look like TOTAL HAMMERED SHIT. THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK!

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