Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'd Eat Kraft Dinner with Brad Pitt and Then Get Lypo

This was the song running through my head this morning as I did my soul-fulfilling house frau work. I had to post this shit live version instead of the official video because the corporate fucks at Barenaked Ladies record company disabled the embedding function on all the official videos. I mean, the Barenakeds are working a cruise in this dumb-ass live video. The record company's being a bit lofty to not allow embedding, don't you think?

If I had a million dollars, I'd probably still eat Kraft dinner, too. I'd just add jumbo shrimp to it and wash it down with a $10,000.00 bottle of wine. Then I'd go join Brad Pitt (even though he's sort of looking like a broke-ass pepaw lately) in the hot tub. If I had a million dollars, I could eat lots of Kraft dinners and afford to go have my omentum all sucked out by the liposuction, just like Britney Spears' dumb ass.

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