Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cat Toes

SB has a thing for cat toes. It just sends me into hyperdrive when Mercer does cat toe stretch and extends each little toe out separately! I just have to do the this little piggy thing! Which she hates. And then the Disdainful One attacks me, and I have to go back to work with blood dripping down my wrists and sutures on my mangled hands, but it's the price of feline love, people! Well worth it, well worth it.

Anyhoo, I just ran across this excellent picture of cat toes! Bonus: There are even EXTRA toes on this moggy. I don't know which is better--the picture of Jan in her pink wig or the close up of the cat toes. You be the damn judge, people. I can't make up your minds!

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