Thursday, January 22, 2009

SB Is on the Road to Being REALLY BIG in Japan!

SB welcomes the two readers I saw logged onto the site yesterday from Japan! DID I MENTION I LOVE THE JAPANESE PEOPLE?! PLEASE INVITE YOUR JAPANESE FRIENDS TO VISIT SARCASTIC BASTARD! [Japanese ass-kissing]

I don't feel really daunted by the fact the two blog visitors from Japan were logged onto the site for about zero seconds. THE JAPANESE ARE SMARTER THAN AMERICANS, I'M SURE THEY HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORIES or some shit and are now enjoying Sarcastic Bastard in their minds.

Did I mention I love Hello Kitty like the Japanese???

Actually, the two Japanese readers probably only logged on to check out my Pete Burns posts because Pete, like the Hoff, actually IS REALLY BIG in Japan.

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