Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ugly Ass Doll of the Month

"NORMA JEANE perfectly captures the mystique that was Marilyn, in Alesia's uncanny recreation of Phillipe Halsman's iconic LIFE Magazine photograph. Call for a price quote. 410-683-1562 or email"

--from the Newman-Breen Web site

Of course it's a Newman-Breen, people! This shit's uncanny alright. UNCANNILY FUG! Look at the damn chin on this ho! Marilyn never had a weak-ass chin like this shit. MM ought to come back and haunt Alesia Newman-Breen's dumb ass for making her fug.

Also, Alesia's ass needs a damn copy editor for her site (and NOT A DAMN PROOFREADER EITHER! They're NOT the same thing. Do you hear that you dumb fuck Mazers?). That quote from the Newman-Breen Web site is not punctuated correctly. Since I'm an English major, that shit just sticks in my ass!

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