Friday, July 27, 2012

He Isn't Even in Office and I Already HATE His Dumb Mormon Ass

To Mitt Romney,
FUCK YOU for saying it's hard to know how well the Olympic Games will turn out. I say this on behalf of the British people, who I happen to adore. You are an ignorant insulting BORE, and you have the manners of an inbred fucking baboon. Do us a favor and keep your dumb ass in the States. The rest of the world should NOT have to be subjected to you. (And also Romney hates the gays. Fuck you for that, too, Romney.)

Dear People of Britain,
I'd like to apologize on behalf of the ENTIRE United States for the offensive comments of that ignorant  son-of-a-bitch Mitt Romney. We are sorry to have once again unleashed his dumb republican ass on the world, since you have already suffered George W. Bush in recent times. I have full faith that the 2012 Olympic Games will be the best EVER.


Madge is GROSS

A ho should NOT be acting this way at her age. HAVE SOME DAMN DECORUM, MADONNA! This shit is NOT age appropriate. You could not pay my ass enough to have to look at that old wrinkly shit every damn night of the tour. Whatever tied-up-chair guy is making is not enough.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Few Words About the Shootings in Colorado

I turned over to a true crime news program that I regularly watch tonight, and it was about the terrible shootings out in Colorado. As usual, much of the program focused on the gunman, whose name I refuse to mention here, because he is not worth a mention or worthy of being included in any news or blog posts that also concern the victims. In my view, it would be disrespectful to the victims and their loved ones to mention this man by name. My heart, like many of the hearts in this country and the world, certainly goes out to the innocent victims and their families.

As usual, tonight, the newsies were mainly concerned with the shooter and why the shooting occurred. I remember that years ago when I lost someone very dear to me to suicide, and I just could not reconcile the death or the method of death with the personality I knew so very well, a very wise teacher of mine told me that I would never understand the act that my friend had committed because I was trying to reconcile an irrational act by using my rational mind. This teacher's answer so satisfied me that my suffering stopped almost immediately.

All of this is a rather lengthy lead up to ask that we please stop inquiring as to the whys of the Aurora shootings or any other senseless acts of violence. The decent will NEVER EVER understand the motivations of those who are indecent. The good will never understand the machinations of evil. Can we instead focus our mental energy on those who deserve it--the victims and those who love them?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Morrissey and I are pretty much in agreement on this and also the fact that Chinese are a damn sub-species.

Of course I would have added nearly all of Moz's solo albums to the list, too. It would have to be my 46 favorite albums of all time. Laugh. I'm a rebel, damn it! A bitch can't stick to 13! RULES DO NOT APPLY TO ME.


Morrissey is my religion. Seriously.

If you have anything bad to say about Morrissey, please FUCK OFF.

If you have Columbus, Ohio, concert tickets so that I can meet my idol and worship him in person, please donate them, because a bitch is POOR and her idol is retiring in just a few short years.
E-mail me at I would be SOFA KING grateful. There are few persons in this world I would travel 2+ hours to see. I wouldn't do it for Jesus. I wouldn't even go that far to see the damn Beatles. But a bitch will make a glad exception for Morrissey.


Much Love,


p.s. Please don't retire. I don't know what I'd do without you! I am already dreading it.