Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quote of the Damn Day by Iggy Pop

I can't really pee or go to the bathroom, I can't open my mouth without being compared to what I did 28 years ago or what I did 15 years ago. 

 --the Igster

I know how he feels. Half the time, anymore, I can't even make it to the damn bathroom. When a bitch has to piss, a bitch has to PISS.

 --Sarcastic Bastard


Ms. Moon said...

Age is not dignified.

Mr.Mischief said...

That's why I always keep an empty pop bottle with me in my never know when you have to go, and that's usually when your 60 miles from the next rest stop.

Gledwood said...

Just piss on the floor. I've done that more than once. And puked there (but that's a different matter...)

Gledwood said...

ps wtf happened to you?? haven't heard from you in months!!

Young at Heart said...

you can't quibble with that!!x