Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome Home Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills! You are SB's Hero. Seriously.

This is my new normal, and it's all about how I adjust to it. There's no good that's gonna come from me sitting there and wondering, `Why'd this happen? Why me? Now what do I do?' The answer's right in front of you: It happened because it happened.

                                                                  Grand marshals: The Mills family pose before heading off to the parade that draws hundreds to honour their town's returning soldier

Thank you for serving, and more importantly, for coming home, Travis. You are loved and greatly admired (by a whole LOT of people, clearly).



Ms. Moon said...

He is a seriously incredible attitude. I feel humbled.

Syd said...

I wish that they would all come home.

Glad that you are back, SB. I have missed you!

Mel said...

I am humbled too. I read the entire article and was so mad he had to do three tours over there, and so humbled at his spirit.

It happened because it happened.

I'm going to remember Sgt. Mills and his words for a very long time.