Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shit SB E-mails to Her Idol Ms. Moon

On the way home last night, I pass this unbelievable dingbat, who has a bumpersticker which reads: I’ll take the Mormon over the moron. I kid you not. What sort of delusion would you live under that you think Obama is a moron? I almost followed the dumb cunt into the parking lot to give her an earful, but then situations in the Kroger parking lot haven’t gone too well for me historically. This person probably worships Rush. I mean, Jesus H. I would have liked to have said to her—so you’re smarter than a guy who made it through Harvard Law, huh? You can clearly tell that I am in a lovely mood this morning.

Tonight is Beggar’s Night here. What fun the kiddies are going to have with the rain and gusting wind! Who the fuck schedules Beggar’s Night the night BEFORE Halloween? Dumb bunch of fucks.


Mel said...

I agree with you on everything. America is being terrorized by morons, and the President isn't one of them. The greatest irony to me is that I believe he's actually a thoughtful, inclusive, insightful, truth seeking, nice guy on top of being incredibly smart. That isn't panning out for him. Seems to be the Age of the Asshats.

And fuck Donald Trump for asking to see his transcripts.

I've sorely missed your voice.


Ms. Moon said...

I love you SO much.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love you, Mel. Hope all is well on your end. You have my e-mail. At least you and me and Ms. Moon and a few others are not alone. And also, we have MORGAN FUCKING FREEMAN on our side. I love the ad he did for Obama.

Ms. Moon,
I love you MAS. I am unanimous in that.

Big Mark 243 said...

It would have been my wet dream to have entered a Baker's at the same time as the woman driving a car with that bumper sticker..! Talk about smack talk.!!

Eeek said...

I am scared for the world if America ends up in the hands of Mitt the twitt.