Monday, June 29, 2015

A Conversation About Home Funerals and Cotton Balls

I've decided that if something happens to me before you go, I want a home funeral. You might have to shove some cotton balls or a tampon up my ass to prevent anal leakage though. It happens.


Look it up, asshole.


Ms. Moon said...

Thank you for thinking of the comfort and sensibilities of those you leave behind. You are kind that way. You truly are.

mrs.missalaineus said...

long time no see-

i feel like this is the type of thing 'the more you know' PSA series we all grew up watching didn't tell us enough about.


Cathy said...

Why hello there. I'm the "Visitor from Newark, NJ" who just came in a minute ago. It's your blog title and I found it amongst my long forgotten, dusty blog names - intrigued me. As a coroner's ass't I should confirm that yes, we use a lot of tampons but not always - they were found to be ineffective sometimes so we stick to the dependable huge balls of cotton. Let me close by saying every member of the team has the upmost respect for all inanimate bodies, simply because we're all connected. Thanks for "so far" laughs! I don't visit my blahg often but I'm found on Facebook as me, Cathy Rapicano, and I love the universe - stars, planets, you know. Hope to revisit when feeling too serious for my own good. Caio and Namaste ☼♫♥♂♀

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon & Mrs. Miss A., You know I love you both. You guys complete me.

I think I love you too. You have the job I can only dream of. Laugh. Actually, I am serious. The fact that you are also Italian means I love you EVEN MORE.

Ciao Bella, and thanks for visiting me.