Friday, August 28, 2015

The Australian Government Is about to Commit a Heinous Act

As usual, I wholeheartedly agree with Morrissey, and I am so sickened now. See below. From the truly excellent Morrissey site,

Morrissey and Australia

Morrissey is aware that the Australian government has decided to kill 2 million street/feral cats. Morrissey has commented:

"We all know that the idiots rule the Earth, but this is taking idiocy just too far. The cats (who keep the rodent population under control) will be killed in a ferocious manner, using Compound 10/80, which is a gut-wrenching poison of the most unimaginable and lengthy horror. The people of Australia would never agree to this - but of course they will not be consulted, because the Australian government as ruled by Tony Abbott is essentially a committee of sheep-farmers who have zero concerns about animal welfare or animal respect. The cats are, in fact, 2 million smaller versions of Cecil The Lion. All I can say is ... come, come, nuclear bomb ... "

Pasadena, August 2015

Photograph above of Morrissey's cat by Sam Esty Rayner. The collar is not 'leather' (animal).


mrs.missalaineus said...

so wrong. at least someone is giving those cats a voice


Big Mark 243 said...

...sheep farmers indeed... I heard this story and could not believe that the only answer that they came up with is to murder so many cats... just think that if it was reverse and the decision was to either neuter or kill humans..!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thank you my dear for being a loyal reader of my semi-abandoned blog. Hope your holiday was a good one. You know I love you. Happy New Beer!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Mrs. Miss A.,
Thanks for still reading my occasional posts. SB LOVES YOU. Say hello to the Mr. for me too!