Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kats are Karmically Stunted

[Shut up. I know how to spell, motherfuckers! I was a damn English major! The word cats just looks hipper with a k-, when juxtaposed with the word Karmically. I'm a damn artist! The rules don't apply to me. Rules are for the little people!]

But, I momentarily (flip my lid and rant) digress. I understand that the Buddhists believe that cats are lazy spirits who refused to improve their station Karmically. Basically, felines are lazy souls, and once you're a cat, your motherfucking ass is a cat for-fucking-ever. I'm thinking this teaching might also explain the Disdainful One's perpetually bad attitude. I'm also thinking that the moggy in the video below HAD REALLY BAD KARMA. Your thoughts?

[And I'm not here to start a damn amateur-hour type Buddhist debate, either, although the comments of senior monks, as always, are welcome. Junior monks, come back when you run with the big monks, so to speak. We need EXPERTS, not speculation.]

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