Friday, March 6, 2009

I Don't Give a Damn How Good the Cheese Is. . . .

SB wouldn't want to hang out with these bitches, either. And you people know I love cheese!

Handicrafts bore the shit out of my ass, so does making your own butter and crafting solid cherry wood cabinets.

Might I add that if your dumb ass has nothing better to do on vacation than go to Amish Country, you need help. Your life is officially BORING.

You can't even get a damn drink in Amish Country! You can't dance either (so forget drunken dancing--that's out entirely), and you can't cuss. To top it off, there is no air conditioning. Yeah, sounds really great to me. I guess you could sit around in the heat and eat a lot of warm cheese. Where do I sign up? And is there an unair-conditioned bus that will take my fat sweaty sober ass there?

[And don't you damn Amish start getting all irate in the comments section either. You're not supposed to have devices like computers, let alone Internet access. These things are devil devices and using them makes you a BAD AMISH PERSON.]

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