Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Goddamn Heater Stopped Working

Hi, kiddies! It's been a challenging morning here in Fuckall, Ohio. When my ass woke up this morning and went to jack up the heat in the house, the fuck-fucking-fucker would not come on. We have forced-air heat, and yes, I checked the breaker. It was on. Trouble is, Mr. SB is out of town on a business trip in beautiful Mormonfuck, Utah again. And the Daddums (the other man in my life) is still out in sunny Arizona at the Retirement Park of Nirvana. So, well, that leaves me slightly cold until late on Saturday night, when Mr. SB is due back. Thank God for the electric blanket, and thank God this didn't happen in fucking February or something.

So, this morning I ran a little late getting into work because I was knitting a sweater for Mercer. I will post pictures soon.

I don't know what this picture has to do with anything. It just illustrated COLD, alright?

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