Thursday, March 5, 2009

Charlie's Angels Dolls--Original Sluts vs. Imposters

SB collected the original three Charlie's Angels sluts, and they had small awkward physiques with preternaturally large heads (see photo below). In retrospect, they were sort of built like Nancy Reagan.

Also, these three slutty bitches were STUCK UP AS HELL. They all refused Ken's advances and instead chose to date my lone Evil Knievel doll ALL AT THE SAME TIME! The fact that Evil was about two inches shorter didn't mean a thing to these wanton hos, cause Evil had the testosterone thing going.

[BONUS READER'S TRIVIA! Did you know that Evil had a son named Stevil Knievel?

Fuck you. Look it up! Where else would your asses learn trivia-winning shit like this, if not from Sarcastic Bastard?]

Back to the dolls. Toy collectors BEWARE!

Real Deal (Hasbro shit):

Imposters (Don't be fooled!):

Farrah Fawcett was Charlie's Angels, honey! And don't you forget it!

You damn kids, who watched this Cameron Diaz/Lucy Liu mess, missed the hell out. Those bony fug bitches don't know shit.

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