Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She's a Talker by Neil Goldberg

I totally stole this clip from Michael at Dlisted (link on right), a blog I read daily. I'm not sure why it's so compelling, because it's like 100 gay men brushing their damn cats and saying the same thing, but I love it! SB is fascinated by any human activity that has little or no meaning. That's why I watched the ENTIRE republican convention.

Mercer, the Queen of this Damn Blog, isn't such a talker so much as a DISDAINER. And I have already embraced the fact that I am going to die the neighborhood cat lady (like these gay men), and no one will notice I am dead and so the cats will have to eat my body (including my eyeballs) in order to live. Maybe if the smell starts to drift into the hallway, or the mail backs up, one of my estranged neighbors will call the po-pos. Then the cats will all go to the Humane Society, where they will be old and catergorized as "people eaters" and no one will want to adopt them (everybody always wants a damn kitten). Then, my pussies will all be euthanized humanely. They always say "euthanized humanely." But it really means gassed. There is nothing humane about that shit.

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