Thursday, March 12, 2009

War and Peace Sucks!

The cat (in the viddy below) and I are in agreement on this shit. BORING. Too damn long. Depressing Russian tome. War and Peace sucks! [But it does make a good doorstop on windy days!] End of opinion. Fuck you. I can say what I want!

Is there a Reader's Digest condensed chicken soup version of this shit? I might read that on the toilet, unless People magazine is in the magazine rack in the bathroom. I like to read crap when I'm taking a crap. If my poop shoot's being taxed (I'm constipated a lot--go figure), I don't want to strain my brain as well.

And don't you Tolstoyan fans get all irate in the comments section either. We're not turning this blog into a forum on that pretentious Russian bore!

The cat's comments are welcome, however. I like his attitude.


Anonymous said...

I think your brain was straining when you wrote about tough poohs. Also, are cats good eating?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Fuck you, you fucking pussy anonymous commenter. Grow some balls.