Friday, March 13, 2009

An Example of Really Bad Writing

I found this while perusing a hauntings blog about Ohio. I did NOT write this shit. I repeat, I did NOT write this shit. Comments in parentheses do belong to moi.

"The ghost of a lady with numbers cut into her forehead has purportedly been distinguished on many occasions by the entrance to Buck Creek State Park meditating. Local people declare that this ghost loves terrifying foolhardy folks who come trying to locate ghosts in Tipp City. Whichever way, it's a menacing ghost that is rather not disturbed.

A female with worms crawling out of her nostrils may from time to time be made out strolling through a building close to Tipp City. In any case, it undeniably is a menacing ghost that you wouldn't want to come across late at night.

The ghost of a lady with a switchblade in her head was perceived striding through a Tipp City area churchyard. When the viewer materialized [whaaaaaaaaaaaa?] the ghost ran off. A local resident declares that this ghost could be the spirit of a person who lived here who died here in Tipp City before the present. [Died before the present --uhhhhhhhhhmmmmm, no shit.] Regardless of what, this is an unpleasant phantom that you shouldn't go seeking."

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