Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photo of Greatness

This photo of two very great actors is currently my laptop background. It's from Vanity Fair's Oscar Party.

I watched the film Milk last night, and it is highly recommended. Two thumbs up! As far as I'm concerned, Harvey Milk is an American hero and a great, great patriot. His life illustrates what one person can accomplish in changing things with great strength of character and determination. His idea of what our government here in the U.S. should stand for is mine as well. This government should represent everybody. That is how it was very intelliigently designed. It's inclusivity is our strength as a nation.

America is also a country where if you are too honest and try to accomplish too much too fast, some crackpot is going to take you out. Look at John Lennon, Martin Luther King, JFK, and Harvey Milk himself. Freedom (a word that is bandied about a lot casually and cheapened) sometimes costs. There are certain special ones among us who have paid that price, and we all benefit.

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