Thursday, September 20, 2012

Never Underestimate How Dumb Americans Are

 [Just remove the second m in Mormon. Yep. Pretty much.]

I walked out of the house this morning and, un-fucking-fortunately, looked over at my neighbor's place next door, and they are nice enough people, but they have a Romney for President sign in their front yard. It never fucking ceases to amaze me how dumb my countrymen are. These neighbors are a couple who don't have a lot of money, but they work hard, and have managed to raise two kids. They live in such a tiny house, I'm not even sure how the whole fucking family fits in it, quite frankly. It's THAT small. But obviously they labor under some illusion that the republicans are here to help them. Actually they labor under the illusion that the republicans care about their low-income asses AT ALL. (I just refuse to capitalize the word republican because I have so little respect for the assholes the word represents.)

I agree with John Mellencamp that the republicans are only here to help their rich friends. What in the Sam hell these middle- and lower-income families are thinking by supporting that dumb Mormon fucker, Romney, is beyond me. Probably wisely, the republicans count on the church-going morality of a lot of these families to make things like keeping God in the schools and gay people from marrying and women from deciding what to do with their own goddamn bodies as more important than getting fucked with taxes, while the rich have loopholes out their rich fat fucking asses. Also the republicans count on "morality" being more important than the fact that we have shitty public education under them and libraries which have to cut hours just to remain open.

Guess I will be voting after all. The Viking and I can at least make the neighbors' votes a mute fucking point. BUT I GET SICK AND GODDAMN TIRED OF HAVING TO VOTE JUST TO KEEP A TOTAL FUCKING DOUCHEBAG, WHO I NEVER THOUGHT HAD A CHANCE IN HELL OF ACTUALLY GETTING ELECTED, OUT OF OFFICE! Thank you neighbors. Thank you America--you bunch of dumb fucks.


Ms. Moon said...

Perfectly said.
My favorite bumpersticker this year is the one that says, "I'm too poor to be a Republican."

Jeannie said...

Your republicans are scary as hell. They remind me of the RC church in the days of the inquisition. Claiming to act in the name of God while torturing, murdering, stealing and fornicating their way to glory. It's no wonder so many out there are militantly against both Americans and Christianity. I have to constantly remind myself that they don't speak for everyone - not even close. It amazes me that they claim to "love the Lord" but deny decent health care and education to everyone as though this would somehow be giving in to the devil. I suppose if you are going to lie - lie BIG. Greedy bastards.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
Ms. Moon,
Sadly true.

I love that you still read me. You and Ms. Moon make two readers. I hope all is well with you. You know I adore you.

Love to both you broads,


Syd said...

So much hypocrisy. I am sick of all the hatred towards the President. He is a good person but is so demonized by the right. He is blamed for everything from gonorrhea to climate change.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are my faithful reader, too. Thank you, brother!

SB loves you!!!