Friday, September 28, 2012

Russell Brand Playing Jesus Again. YAWN.

Good Samaritan: He wore the quirky get-up to take a group of local homeless people out for breakfast at the Newsroom Cafe on Thursday morning

Russ dressed down so that the homeless people wouldn't feel bad. Actually, the homeless peeps look better than Russell.

His Jeez-ness makes my fat uncharitable ass feel guilty. I think I'll force the grouchy homeless guy down the street to go to breakfast with me tomorrow.


Ms. Moon said...

Remind me to tell you a story about RB.
Love you so much. By the way. In case you didn't know it.

bugerlugs63 said...

Yeah, he is becoming a bit cringeable . . . shame really. I almost fancied him - that from a menopausal mother on Methadone who'd all but forgotten what fancied meant!
He was in parliament (again, trying very hard to look like a tramp) telling them all that addicts would benefit from rehab, abstainance, love and compassion, not Methadone, which, in essence, in agree with . . . But where does he think we're supposed to get all this love and compassion from, that he wants prescribed? let alone the money for rehab.
He wants folk (addicts) to have what he has found . . . But Russell, wake up! Most of these folk aint even got homes to go to even if they did get clean. There morning can of "Brew" is their central heating for the day.
OK, I'll shut up. I didn't intend to start a rant here . . .
Maybe I should invite him for breakfast.

Alison Cross said...

I can't make up my mind whether I like him or not. Sometimes I just want to smack him in the face.

Actually, most times I just want to smack him in the face :-)