Friday, September 28, 2012

SB Hit the Kroger this Morning for Some Joe and Got Waved at by a Retarded Guy. It was GREAT.

Joe means coffee, for you dumb young fucks, who have never heard the term before. Anyway, as I was walking in the entrance of the store, there was a group of retarded young adults (okay, I should be politically correct and say "mentally-challenged" adults or some shit, but fuck you, it's my blog, so I'll say whatever the hell I want). Anyway, one of the adults--a young somewhat twisted up looking black male--shouted a REALLY EMPHATIC good morning at me. For some damn reason, it made my whole morning nicer. I guess Bret Easton Ellis's snotty ass would say I am just another sentimental mid-westerner, but on the other hand, this sentimental mid-westerner would tell that pretentious two-surnamed fuck, Easton Ellis, to blow it out his ass.

But thank you retarded guy for waving! See how much cheerier I am?


Ms. Moon said...

God, the world has missed you.

Morgaine said...

you crack my shit right the everlovin' fuck up, woman. this post was, as i'm sure the kids no longer say, MADE OF WIN. tonight i'm exhausted after the first 3 days of the new job, but so much happier. woooooo!