Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Brush for Company

I am going through this depressive phase right now where I don't want to brush my teeth. All right, really I am just a lazy fuck and something has to go so that I can sleep a little longer. [Don't be too repelled any friends who might be reading this, I do make the sacrifice and brush for company. If I have especially high energy that day, I might even use a teeth whitener! When you only brush several times a week, los dientes start to get a little dingy. Don't worry Cousin Sheila, I wlll brush for your wedding!]

Anywho, even my cat AND THE QUEEN OF THIS BLOG, Mercer, is starting to recoil from the ill winds that blow from my rancid maul. She has taken to sleeping at my feet, rather than up near my chest area.

NOTE: I went through a prior phase where I held my pee FOR A VERY LONG PERIOD OF TIME because I was too busy sleeping to go to the bathroom.

Depression hurts, people.

1 comment:

Sheila "the cousin" Swartz said...

It means a lot that you will brush for my wedding, Sher. If it was going to be more formal I would tell you to whiten as well, but as it is I think that would be overkill...