Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Dare a Bitch to Try and Dress Puppine's Ass in this Crap

Evidently, they are in to cat tailoring in Japan. Puppine NO LIKEY!


Jeannie said...

Bandit wouldn't be into that either. I think she'd rip your eyes out if you tried to photo shop that shit on her.

Ms. Moon said...

This sort of thing goes against the godly order of the universe. Don't these people know that cats ARE gods and have magical powers and that they who put them in ridiculous costumes will suffer the horrible consequences of such actions?

Young at Heart said...

it's funny......but it's wrong....on so many levels!!x

Big Mark 243 said...

Oy vey! The Japanese have a lot of time on their hands... those cats look like they are bored to tears!!

Mel said...

Some of those are just humiliating to the cat, but I am kinda partial to the chicken one!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Com'on and let'em try...I want to sit back and watch the bloodbath. :)

Once a vet tried to tell me that I should give the old bitch cat Stink a bath...I asked if she was going to pay for my skin grafts. Damn sour bitch didn't even smile. Hey I need a vet with a sense of humor so we changed clinics.

Give Puppine my best but only if she is tolerant of it. :)

Alison Cross said...

I think all cats should be dressed this way. Specially the ones that come into my polytunnel and shit on my strawberries.

It won't stop the shitting, but it will give me a much-needed laugh at the cats' expense

Ali x

Akannie said...

Puppine scratch their damn eyes out, they come near her with that shit!

Anonymous said...

OMG, my cat would rip your face off! Just the same, the angel one is my fave. And I dedicate the chicken one to Ms. Moon, natch.


Lori said...

Why oh why do people insist of silly effing outfits for animals? I hope the cats forced to wear these getups retaliate by becoming feral and mean. You do find some cool shit my friend. xo

Sweden said...

i LOVE this japanese cat as much as i love maru.
shit is just so fucking cool in japan i swear, except when they kill dolphins, but yeah everything else im so chill with.
japan is one 24/7 acid trip

at least they just put silly hats on their cats and not eat them and torture them like in china, (most) chinese people have like 0 respect for animals

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
Goddamn right!

I cannot abide the Chinese either.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I would like your cat. Laugh.

You know it, babe.

I just love you. One day, we must meet for drinks.

Because I love you and A, Puppine would be down with you two.

Big Mark,
Yes, too much time. Exactly.

I knew you would like the chicken one.

You know I love you. Hope all is well.

I adore you!

Young at Heart,
Thanks for reading me. Love you.