Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Dig Mean Puss.

But grumpiness is just part of his nature. SB can relate!


That Hank said...

The woman took a cat to the vet because he looked grumpy and didn't like dogs? What a fuckin loon.

Ms. Moon said...

At least, unlike with Baggy, the cat's face warns you of impending injury should you approach him.

Anonymous said...

For some reason as I read this article in my mind Mrs. Oughton was being played by Monty Python's Eric Idle done up in drag.



Sarcastic Bastard said...

I thought the EXACT same thing. Laugh.

Ms. Moon,
I would love Baggy!

Thanks for reading the crap I write.

Love to all,


adrienne said...

i can't.

Petit fleur said...

That kitties face defines the term "you got a puss on"!

So adorably hilarious!

Thanks for making me laugh... I needed to.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

It looks like he may have already scratched up that dog's eye. He does look grumpy, but maybe that worrisome woman he lives with bothers him.

sweden said...

Meep is turning into a grumpy cat.
She was so affectionate as a kitten, now she has some major attitude.
sometimes she will come up to me and purr and ill pet her and she gets all like "nooo dont touch me" and walk away and come back and same thing over and over. lol wtf
thats why im all about mango now again cause even at 4 yrs old she is as cuddly as ever and we spoon every morning for 2 hours.

i mean meep isnt that bad, she still comes everytime i call her, she talks to me, and sleeps in my bed at night, but still im used to overly affectionate cats, not this "on my terms" type attitude.
which is why i pin her down and force love all the time, CAUSE I AM FUCKING BOSS, i pay the rent i feed you bitch you WILL let me kiss you on the face whenever i want, im boss.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Fucker is a grump. I dig him. Yeah, the woman would drive me apeshit.

Your comments crack me up. I love you. I also love to love the unwilling. Why is it more fun? Laugh.