Thursday, June 9, 2011

A MESSAGE TO MY BELOVED BLOG FAMILY: I'm too damn popular. I just don't have the fucking time or inclination to respond to ALL the comments I receive.

Sorry, but I have seven cats, a diarrhetic damn dog, a Viking, a house to take care of, plus a damn full-time job and short-bus cocksucking inconsiderate neighbors FROM HELL on top of that. [Fuckers keep my cranky ass awake to all hours, but I'm working on getting them evicted.]


The ACTUAL message is:
Don't get your damn underwear in a twist if I don't respond to EVERY GODDAMN SINGLE comment. Popularity has been a cross I have to bear in my life, and I simply don't have time to respond to every damn comment I get. I am now implementing a RANDOM RESPONSE system to comments. This method involves responding infrequently and on a damn whim. Okay, so it's not a method. FUCK YOU. Anyhoo, don't be thinking it's personal and getting all huffy and offended if I don't respond to every goddamn comment you leave. Put your damn Big Boy pants on and DEAL.

I DO read every comment and love harboring the illusion that I am popular, so please keep the comments coming.

Thank you.


Denny Coates said...

I love reading your blog. It's so different that helps me in the balance-creativity dept. So THANK YOU, and that's really what my comments are saying. FYI I have never left a comment expecting a response :) Best wishes!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Because you DON'T EXPECT, you get. Laugh. SB adores you.

Vix said...

SB, I still love you whether you visit me, respond to my comments or just tell me to fuck off.
That squirrel is brilliant but your writing is even better. LOve you! xxx

Jeannie said...

You never need to comment on my comment - I don't always remember to come back and check if you did anyway.

If someone leaves a comment on a post that I think requires a response - I'll hit the reply button (if they have enabled replies or not disabled) and reply just to them rather than responding in the comments.

Syd said...

I love you. You know that.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Now that't the sort of comment a bitch has to reply to. I love you, too. You betcha.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

Just a note to annoy you and no I don't expect a response. You are funny. And no more disturbed than people who have no idea how disturbed they really are. I love your writing.

Ms. Moon said...

I'm with Syd. Okay. Not literally. Syd and I have not run off together. You know that.
You also know I love you.

Butterfly said...

Love it! You can tell me to f off any day & it would still be funny!! Keep up the good work, you're hilarious. Plus I'm about a week behind on your blogs so would never expect a reply! However was uber honored when you visited & followed my sad little blog! I have arrived!!!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Those who don't expect GET. Laugh. Thanks for reading my crap and for the compliment. Please come back often. You have SB's personal invite.

Ms. Moon,
I'd surely run oft (O-F-T) with Syd. I adore him. C. would probably beat my ass though.

My pleasure, toots. Thanks for reading!

Love to all,