Friday, January 2, 2009

Big Shout-Out to All Those Shit-Canned By Those Mean Curs the Mazers

I'd like to give a big New Year's shout-out to all my friends formerly employed by the Mazer Corporation, but who were recently shit-canned by Cherie and David Mazer. Happy New Year! The Mizers displayed their usual class and empathy by sending their loyal and talented employees an e-mail shortly after 5:00 on December 30th, explaining that their services were no longer required.

Mr. Mazer, the founder of the company, probably rolled in his grave. He was a decent man, who treated his employees kindly and well. His kids should have taken note.

On the other hand, I once heard Cherie Mazer described by one of her former employees as "a snake in the grass." Pretty apt description, I'd say.

The above is just my opinion, and it's my damn blog, so I can write whatever I want. I have CONTROL. My wrath, scorn, and ire may not mean much yet (because I have like one reader), but one of these days (when I have like say five readers), my venom will sting! Beware, you assholes (like the Mazers), who push the little guy around!

I am just praying that Cherie or David Mazer (or BONUS both!) will Google their own names and read this. Up yours.


Anonymous said...

Oh believe me there is hope, its 15th on the goog for Cherie!!!

Damn, I have too much free time now.

Anonymous said...

Writing as one of the shit-canned, thank you Sarcastic Bastard. You are correct; Marshall Mazer was a good man who put together an amazing collection of smart, talented people to work at his company. We worked long hours, putting huge effort into creating books that were accurate, often beautiful, and took great pride in our work. It's a pity that David and Cherie Mazer chose to simply ass-fuck us with no lube rather than take some responsibility for their terrible management of the company over the last few years.
IF, as they claim, it's simply the result of market forces & the bad economy, then why are so many of the Mazer Corpse's former competitors doing so well they are now hiring?
On top of being broke and unemployed, a lot of people who used to work were truly screwed over when they turned the place over to the bank with no warning because they could not get their portfolio stuff together. Now they've got squat to show for years of work, makingit even harder to find a new job in this mess.
On the bright side, we all hope the Mazers enjoy being on the receiving end of the lawsuit, and the endless IRS audit that will probably come to them.
Many former Mazer employees are happy that Tammy Haskins also got the shitcanning. A vicious white trash cunt who was placed in a position of authority, she spent much of her time at Mazer making inept decisions about things she knew NOTHING about, bullying people who were smarter then her, and pissing off Mazer's clients to the point of no return. Hope she enjoys being unemployed, and moving back to the trailer park where she belongs.

Alex Culpepper said...

What artful indignation, Sarcastic Bastard! I need to write something about the fake CEO and the shrew. Anyway, nice rants.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Sarcastic Bastard gives a big shout out to her old friend Alex C.!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, anonymous, for saying something I would have liked to have said, but didn't have the forum (until now). Particularly about Tammy Haskins. Of course, Cherie is ultimately to blame for that fiasco, as she put Tammy in the position she had, where she oversaw far smarter individuals who cared far more about the company's success than she did. (She was more interested in proving she had a weapon to wield and power with which to weild it.) Interestingly, she told one person she terminated that he was too obsessed with profit margin. Hm. If the company had been a litte more interested in profit margin, the Mazers would have kept the employees who were cognizant of how to make a profit and terminated managers who only cared about defending their inept actions and decisions. Of course, if Cherie had been intelligent, she would have seen that some of the individuals she put into managerial positions were uneducated, dressed and behaved to poorly to be sent to clients to represent the company, and COULDN'T sell the company if their lives depended on it. It was decisions like those promoting such individuals that helped lead to the company's downfall.

Anonymous said...

I have heard from several people via email and read on Facebook that Cherie Mazer was claiming unemployment and that also I heard from several people that Cherie was in a car accident. I hope she still had health insurance. Karma is a bitch!

Anonymous said...

I just found this site and I am glad the ex-mazerites have found a place to vent. I could not agree more about Marshall rolling in his grave. I knew Marshall and worked with him closely. You could not have found a more upstanding person to head a company. When you turn a company over to a person to "run" you would hope that they would not give it to their wife as a way for her to play boss-lady. Her decisions were uninformed, she looked for people to feed her ego, not run a company. The managers could not manage as every decision was the mazer's alone. Karma is a bitch, and all of the bad decisions will catch up to them, I just hope all of the people they screwed over will hear of their misfortunes!