Friday, January 2, 2009

Message from Rufus Wainwright

Below is a post from Rufus Wainwright's Official Web Site, which I have linked on the right side of this blog. I am totally in love with Rufus. Too bad he doesn't like vaginas. Anyway, I am posting this because I agree strongly with him, despite the fact that I am not gay. PROP 8 SUCKS! All men are created equal. Have the assholes who came up with this shit ever even read the Constitution? Moronic imbecilic doltish pinheaded half-wit fucks.

Note From Rufus: Setting the Record Straight... or Gay
Posted by rufus on Dec 16, 2008 | Views: (6810)

Recently, a quote from an interview was taken out of context and as these things go, it has appeared on many internet sites. So, to set the record straight (or shall we say gay?), I am not nor have I ever been opposed to anyone's right to marry - straight or gay. I myself just don't want to at the moment and feel a strong tie to the traditional bohemian concept of being a homosexual, ie: the last thing we want is to be like everybody else. But who knows, a girl likes options. Maybe someday I will want to marry! Plus, in terms of practical issues such as citizenship, taxes, inheritance, is appauling that LGBT couples don't have the same rights and options that other people have and compared with Europe and Canada, the US should be ashamed of how they treat love. I have voiced my strong opposition to Prop 8 on many occasions and will continue to do so until that referendum is reversed. OK? I've got to get back to work now.

Love, Rufus

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I totally agree with myself! I just wanted to have one comment on my new blog. Except I'll forget I made this comment and get all excited that I have a comment. TEST.