Thursday, January 8, 2009

Word of the Week: Iguana

I have decided that periodically I should put my English degree to legitimate use and make Mom and Dad happy about all that money they spent, so I am adding a semi-regular Word of the Week feature to Sarcastic Bastard.

Today, I have even included some bonus Spanish to encourage a broadening of our cultural horizons. Next time you cross the border in your baggy shorts and beat sandals to buy cheap shit that you don't really need, you will at least be able to habla (speak, pronounced: ah/blah) a little with the locals.

Most Americans are arrogant lazy bastards, and they feel it's beneath them to learn a foreign language, and I want to change that, so I am going to occasionally throw in foreign words/phrases. I am also going to add a pronunciation key, because I don't want my blog readers to be laughed at by native speakers because they sound like a bunch of ill-educated, superior American fucks. I am attempting to improve foreign relations here, people. Get on board!

School teachers feel free to link to this blog.

Word of the Week: Iguana

Pronunciation: EE/juan/ah

Sentence: The biggest green iguana I have ever seen was tied to a tree outside the tienda (shop, store, pronounced: TEE/en/duh).

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