Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If SB had the terminal cancer, I'd want everybody to STOP their lives and mourn and create memorial statuary of me, etc.

Clearly, Andy Whitfield was a much nicer human being.


Jeannie said...

I had an employee who had the same cancer. She went to have it surgically removed and they couldn't find it. It was there - palpable before she went under but gone when they cut her open.

Weird eh?

I'd want people to get on with their lives. Not to mention but the royalties from reruns will go to the estate and the family will keep making money - and the longer the show runs, the more chance it will become more popular and rerun more often. Stop the show too soon and the gravy train gets cut off.

Nice. Sure.
Love you!

Ms. Moon said...

Fuck. I don't know what I'd want. And that's the truth. But I do know this- I would not want anyone saying "after a brave battle." That phrase is DONE!

Mel said...

On Monday when I found out he'd died I was a wreck. I was a Spartacus junkie, and I had been scouring the interwebs for news of Andy's health. They were keeping it so under wraps I knew it couldn't be a good thing, but I still hoped, you know? It's not that often a handsome hunky actor man turns out to be a genuinely nice, intelligent, family loving guy, but this seems to be the case with Andy Whitfield. I don't know how I can watch the new show with or without his blessing of the recast, because it will just remind me that fucking cancer once again took someone too soon from their life.
And if I had terminal cancer, I think I would turn into the most miserable bitchy wretch on the planet. I'd be saving those pain pills for an exit on my terms, none of the brave battle bs for me. Anyway, thanks for this post, I missed this article when I was reading about his death. Sniffly all over again.

Multiple post commenting because I'm lazy, I couldn't care less about Beyonce. Yawn.
And about the picture - I'm using one that's years old right now, because I hate every picture of me since forever. Menopause really fucks with the self image, which was sketchy in the first place.
I say good for you.
And about the Morrisy phone thing - I hate my freaking cell phone. People act like something's wrong with you if you're not on call 24 -7. Hello, I shower. I walk the dog. I cut the grass. Etc. etc. and sometimes, honestly, I stare at that buzzing thing and think hell no, I'm just no up for complete sentences right now. Wish I could take away the texting thing, because when you don't answer, they text you to ask why aren't you answering your phone?? Because I'm having a shitty day, that's why. Duh. I hate technology sometimes.
But I love you and your posts.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You can multiple comment me any damn day. I love you.