Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is a shitty week, and this is ALL I am fucking posting.

I always have a hard time, like a lot of people, with this time of the year, due to the fact that it encompasses that sleazy old whore, September 11th. Fuck her. And on September 12th, sweet David Foster Wallace opted out of this WHOLE DAMN MESS, so that's two sucky shitty events, side-by-side, like a one-two yellow-bruise-leaving ugly punch. Because of my depressed mood, a bitch is leaving your asses with ONLY THIS (link below), in remembrance of both tragic shitty fucking days. I will remember Dave and the 343 fallen firefighters and other victims and rescue workers of 9/11 all week long, and I shall drink copiously to them over the coming weekend.

I've been having horrible dreams and generalized anxiety for several months running now, and I'm pretty sure it's attributable to the upcoming 10th anniversary. I think I'll feel a whole lot better when this damn bitch-of-a-week is over.


Ms. Moon said...

It's so hard to believe, still.
I wish you and all of us some peace, love. I do.

Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Aw, I just came back to the garbage can that is blogland to look up some of my old faves. Sorry to hear you aren't feelin' it. On Sept 11th the whole world will be remembering, I know I will....

Take r easy. x

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Sorry you're having such a shitty week.

We have our 12th anniversary this weekend...Sept 11th. We spent our 2nd anniversary glued to the TV watching the horror of it all. For years, we celebrated on the 12th until a couple years ago when we decided to re-claim the day. We remember the sorrow of that day and also realize how lucky we are to have had one more year together. It can all be gone in an instant.

Sending big hugs. Wish we could be there to hang with you this weekend.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Peace back at you, Ms. Moon, my dear.

So happy to hear from you. I hope all is well. Please stay in touch. I have missed you. Tell Sweden I miss her too!

It's good that you have reclaimed the 11th. It's nice to have something really good associated with that wretched date. I wish we could all hang out together on Sunday, too. I love you and A dearly. And Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples! I wish you both so many more!!!

Love to all,


Syd said...

I don't feel morose about Sept. 11. I think it is a day to reflect on what we can do differently in this world. Hate and retribution don't solve anything. Remembering those who died and continue to die because of hate will hopefully bring about some soul searching. Let's not repeat the past.