Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yeah, Comrie looks like just the man to evaluate nutrition. Jesus, this country is NUTS.

A WEIGHTY MATTER: Fast-food-crusading City Councilman Leroy Comrie joins Montessori Progressive Learning Center kids in Queens yesterday to evaluate the lower-calorie Happy Meals at McDonald’s.

Fucker has bigger boobs than I do.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh dear god. That is so wrong.

Steph(anie) said...

There must be some pretty huge balls under that belly.

Towanda said...


Jeannie said...

He's sure eyeing up the kid's happy meal! Keep your eyes on your food honey or it'll disappear!

Omgrrrl said...

Lord his boobs are bigger than mine and I had reconstructive surgery.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I doubt it.

That made me laugh.

Thanks for all of your comments. I love each and every one of you broads.


gradydoctor said...

Um, yeah. Don't even know what to say about this.


Syd said...

Terrible. Time for bariatric or something drastic.