Friday, September 30, 2011

Monsieur Pingouin

The fact that this guy is Belgian may explain a lot about the Mom's side of the family. Those fuckers were just crazy though. They didn't have enough money to be eccentric.

Monsieur Pingouin's bitch wife tried to spoil all his damn fun! What the fuck is up with that shit? Wives are always spoiling a dude's fun. I'm also guessing that maybe Monsieur's personal hygiene wasn't up to snuff--that may have been a factor too. He may only own ONE penguin costume, so his ass may have to wear that shit every day. If his wife had been nice, INSTEAD OF A BITCH, she might have sewn him duplicates and been supportive AND STILL MARRIED, instead of a naysayer.

Monsieur could save some valuable time and a whole shitload of effort, if he'd just sit the glass on a damn table and use a motherfucking straw. I guess when you wear a penguin costume, and people laugh at you all the time, you have to act all continental and lofty and shit about drinking wine.


Ms. Moon said...

Mr. Penguin's color doesn't look so good. Even for a penguin. I think he should use your straw suggestion.

Omgrrrl said...

OMG......I just wanna bitchslap that wife of his. And although a straw is a valid suggestion - how freakishly adorable is he drinking wine with those little flippers.

Penguin Man. Added to my list of heroes.