Friday, November 11, 2011

I miss him. I love him. And he is on my mind this morning.

The silhouette is unmistakable, isn't it? And don't start with the child molester shit, because like Liz Taylor, I don't believe one damn word of it. Mike was my generation's Sinatra. I literally grew up with him, and I find it terribly sad that the younger generation only thinks of him as this weird child perv.

I could watch Michael dance for hours on end, and I will be sad about Michael until I go wherever he's at now. I wish him peace.


Jeannie said...

After a brief infatuation with him when he was in the Jackson 5 - and his total uncoolness as "Bubblegum" music in my early teens, I could never get into him although his music was admittedly really good. There was just that ick hangover. Whatever.

I'm afraid that I don't disbelieve the insinuations - having been molested myself and knowing of many others - men don't always think with their heads - or at least not the ones on their shoulders. His actions were inappropriate even if he never crossed lines.

But his music still stands.

And I love you.

gradydoctor said...

I love this picture and post.

Syd said...

Gotta say though, he was a bit odd. But then he didn't have a great childhood. All of us are odd.

Gledwood said...

It's a bit weird to think of him as a drug addict, innit? PROPOFOL to sleep. That is crazy! They barely ever use that stuff outside operating theatres and intensive care units and MJ was using the stuff to get 40 winks! Crazy crazy crazy man...!

I bought his collected videos and watched them over and over. The only one missing is the full video for Ghosts which I really wanted to see all the way through.

I really wish Michael Jackson had made a proper full length movie with Spielberg instead of just talking about it because he was a fantastic natural actor in those Bad and Thriller videos, yet he never got a chance to explore that direction... shame.

PalagiGirl said...

100% agree. RIP Michael.