Thursday, November 10, 2011

SB Is with Emily Ralkan

We just feel totally betrayed by the school,” sophomore student Emily Ralkan said on Penn State firing long-time beloved coach Joe Paterno. “After 60 years of all the work he’s done for us, for them to just fire him is ridiculous. They won’t even let him finish up the season. There’s no loyalty there. And it’s sick. It’s disgusting. He’s probably done more for the school than any of the trustees has.”

The kid has more loyalty and decency than the damn trustees have. 


Big Mark 243 said...

...mmm... interesting perspective... I really don't know what should have been done about the situation... could ask where was the decency when he first heard of the incident...

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I am in NO WAY advocating the abuse of children. I just think the university owed old Joe more than that and should have handled it differently. Joe was not the perpetrator of the abuse. I understand that he did report it.



Ms. Moon said...

I don't know enough to comment although from what I heard on NPR today (and so you know it's true) he DID know and did not report it to police, which is what he should have done.
But you know me- football.
He WAS a football coach, right?

Syd said...

I am with Mrs. Moon--what about those little kids and that butt fucker that was doing them? If old Joe knew, which he did I believe, then he made a grave error. So maybe they could have put old Joe in a room full of sexual pervs in some jail and let them have at him. He might have an understanding of the harm done to the kids. He had a good career but at 84, he got lots of flags on the last play.