Friday, November 11, 2011

Shit SB Types in Her Ritual Morning E-mail to the Damn Goddess, Ms. Moon

Jesus H. I was saying, before the motherfucker sent, that I thought you might have read late and slept in. GOOD FOR YOU!

Ginger kept fucking slurp/licking all night, so I was awakened like 40 cocksucking times! Motherfucker is sleeping downstairs tonight, and all the motherfucking pussies too. Puppine kept trying to get in the boxes in the bedroom. How can a bitch get good sleep when a bitch is awakened 97 times a night? I ask you.


Ms. Moon said...

I just don't want to sleep with animals anymore. Might as well sleep with damn chickens. At least they're very, very soft.

Lo said...

Answer: One can't.

Take my word for it.

Syd said...

I slept through everything but the super charged storm last night. And it was a big one. Lots of lightening and thunder.