Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Rich Really ARE Dumb

Jesus H. Does anybody REALLY think this shit looks good?


Leslie said...

That looks like a giant, erect penis on her head.


Jeannie said...

Funny - I had a "discussion" the other day with my DIL regarding the fascinators worn to the royal wedding. I insisted that they were hideous and ridiculous and what on earth were any of them thinking when wearing the damn things. My DIL insisted that they wore them as a joke. No. No jokes allowed at royal weddings. They wear them seriously.
WTF. Rich people really have no idea. They will buy anything if it has a stupid designer label and price tag.

Jeannie said...

I should have added that I'm sure it's sold as "art" but there's a lot of suspect "art" out there.

Anonymous said...

A joystick on her head.
No, it isn't.

ashtree said...

That is some ugly-ass shit right there! And I bet it cost more than my rent for a whole year! People really need to get their priorities straight.

I've missed you, too! I've been checking out the blog but I haven't been commenting much lately. I've been too busy doing Chemistry and Calculus homework. Oh, woe is me!


Natascha said...

WTF this shit is ugly!

I'd like to know too why those idiots think this looks good and wear the ugliest crap hats on the planet on their empty heads:


The Wit Continuum said...

I'm speechless...without this ridiculous unfashionable appendage, Sarah would look pretty least I think she would. (It is Sarah right?) :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad you are back. Good luck with the chemistry and calculus. Better you than me, sister.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah, that shit is HIDEOUS. Laugh.

It's Sarah, unfortunately.

Love to all,


Syd said...

What's with the bowed funny legs too? I don't get the whole thing? No class at all.