Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Going to Have Nightmares About this Shit

Micheal over at Dlisted (linked on the right side of my blog for your convenience)--the best celebrity gossip site EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MAN EVER (props to L.)--posted a link to a doll maker's Web site called Alesia-Newman Breen Dolls. The dolls are semi well-crafted in an artful yet fucking creepy way. And I should know from creepy, because I had the original Cher doll and made my Mom put her in another room so I could go to sleep at night without her clawing my eyeballs out and eating my brains.

Anywho, here is the Newman Breen Doll site link for all you sick fucks out there.

WARNING: The Newman Breen Doll site is not for those with heart problems. It may also be disturbing to younger viewers.

Also, if you take Ambien or antidepressants (like me), maybe you should skip the link entirely because you probably have scary enough dreams already.

If you do screw up the courage to take a gander at the site, the Sophia Loren doll is a must-see. Her legs look like they have been attacked by some sort of bacterial flesh-eating skin disease.

The prominent nips are so life-like, my brother is going to want one for Christmas next year.

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